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1.Hostel students  are required to maintain the hostel timings as per following

  • Hostel gate will be open at 6 A.M. in the morning and will close at 9:30 PM . No student is allowed to move out of the campus after 7 P.M. without the permission of respective warden.
  • Before going to the respective hostels each hostler is required to mark the attendance in the attendance registers available at Security Gate.
  • The Discipline Proctor will sign the attendance register.
  • Respective wardens shall  sign the attendance sheet after all the student sign or are given special permission by the respective warden

2. RAGGING in the hostel is strictly prohibited. Any student indulging in ragging would be rusticated without assigning any reason.

3. Late night permission will be granted on specific reasons as per following :

  • For girls up to 9.30 PM and for boys up to 10.00 PM. Late night will be granteeon written request duly signed by the respective wardens only once in a month and as per the declaration of the parents in hostel allotment form.

4. Night out permission will be allowed once in a month on written request with due permission of wardens and due consent of the parents.

5. All the Hostel students  are advised to give the name and address of the local guardian to the respective wardens along with telephone nos.

6. Each Hostel student  is required to maintain 75% attendance in theory and practical classes. In case of shortage of attendance, the hostel facility will be withdrawn. All the Hostel students  are strictly advised not to entertain any day scholar in the Rooms / Hostel Premises at any time, if matter reported, the hostel facility will be withdrawn for hosteller.

7. Hostel students  are also advised not to carry costly items such as ornaments electronic item and cash. The management of hostel will not be responsible for any loss.

8. In case of any emergency or sickness, Hostel students  are advised to report to the respective Warden immediately.

9. The doctor facility is available in the Institute on every Wednesday from 3.30 to 4.30 pm.

10. Smoking/ Gambling / Drinking of Alcoholic Beverage is strictly prohibited in the hostel.

11. If anybody found, drunk He/She will be removed from the Hostel.

12. Hostlers are advised to maintain the hostel property in a good form and damages occurred deliberately a suitable fine determined by principal and warden. The Hostel student would be asked to either pay the fine or replace the damaged item  immediately.

13.Hostel students  are advised to maintain their room clean at all the times , if anybody’s room found dirty a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged. Three times in a month if the room is found dirty the intimate shall be asked to stay outside for a week

14. Hostel students  are required to go to bed for sleep latest by 11 PM, If Lights are found switched on  after 11 PM the respective hostler will be fined Rs. 100. Howeverduring examinations the students are permitted to keep the lights on till late night.

15. Music system of any kind is not allowed in the Hostel and if anybody found violating, the equipment would be seized and will not be given back to the students. 

16. Use of electrical iron, heater and any electrical gadgets is not permitted in the Hostel.

17. Cooking in any part of the hostel is strictly prohibited.

18. Each Hostel student is required to perform specific duties in the mess on rotation basis as per the directives of the respective wardens through the mess Proctor.

19. Hostel students  are required to take their breakfast/lunch/dinner in the hostel mess only.


Breakfast 8.00 to 8.30 AM

Lunch 1.00 PM to 2.00 PM. (Saturday, Sunday &  on Holidays)

Dinner 8.00 PM to 9.00 PM.

20. Consumption of food in the hostel room is strictly prohibited

21.While leaving the hostel on completion of their studies, Hostel students  are required to handover their room to the Maintenance Foreman and obtain No Dues Certificate. The amount of any damages will be recovered from their hostel caution money OR WOULD BE ASKED TO PAY IF THE AMOUNT IS MORE THAN THE HOSTEL CAUTION MONEY.

22. Hostel students  are also advised to switch off the light/fan when it is not in use and save electricity. If it is found that the lights and fans are switched unnecessarily ,power connection will be removed for a specific period

23. Complaint pertaining to the electric and water would be reported to the Maintenance Proctor, Maintenance Proctor will report to the Maintenance Foreman for the immediate rectification.

24. In case of any fight the students involved will be asked to vacate the hostel

25. Identity card for hostel student  will be issued by the Authority and as and when asked by the security staff or any other competent authority are advised to show the  card

26. The hostel student is required to be vacate the hostel in case of any law and order situation arises in the city and District Magistrate issue orders for the same. At this stage Hostel students  are required to manage their stay on their own. In case of the violation of any rules, suitable actions will be taken

27.  The students staving in the hostel are advised not give their mobile number to any body and use it only for keeping in touch with parents. Institute will not be responsible for any misuse of mobile number in case it is passed to any body else ( Important for ladies )

28. Mess Facility is provided to hostel students for breakfast, lunch (only during weekends  & during holidays )& dinner during the weekdays. Hostel students are required to have the lunch at the institute. No lunch is provided at the hostel during college working days unless directed by principal.

29 Hostel will provide only the following items. The rest of the items for personal use to be brought by students, only bed frame mattress or pillow will be provided
one wardrobe, one chair, one table
30. Fine for first time 

Smoking - Rs 500/-
Drinking - Rs 1000/-



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