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Instructions to Candidates

Examinations Instructions to Candidates

  • Carry your admit card to the examination hall. Read Instructions on the inside cover of the answerbook.
  • Make sure that your answer book contains 32 pages, Excluding the cover.
  • No special sign or mark should be made on any Portion of the answer book, continuation sheet, Graph paper, map or any other stationery supplied For the examination.
  • Name of institute, candidate's name or place of Examination should not be mentioned in any part of The answer books or in the answer to any question.
  • Pages in the answer book should be used one after The other without leaving blank pages in between. Avoid leaving wide margin (s).
  • No page of the answer book should be folded or Torn off. Supplementary answer book will be Supplied only after all pages of the previous Answer book are used up.
  • Each answer should carry the correct question Number as appearing in the question paper.
  • A line should be drawn to denote completion of Answer to a question or part thereof.
  • Answers should be written preferably in royal blue Ink. Colour pens can be used for marking headlines And diagrams only.
  • Use separate portion on the right side margin of the Answer book for rough calculations. This must be Scored off after use.
  • Ensure that you have crossed all the blank pages Of the answer script before handing over to Invigilator.
  • Ensure that you have crossed all the blank pages Of the answer script before handing over to Invigilator.
  • No candidate will be allowed to leave the Examination hall earlier than half time after Commencement of the examination.
  • The answer book together with other stationery Used tightly secured with a tag should be handed Over to the invigilator before leaving the Examination hall.
  • Ensure that you have signed the attendance sheet For the examination separately circulated by the Invigilator.
  • Use of simple calculators is permitted. However, Digital diaries, cell phone, pagers etc. Are Prohibited.

Controller of Examinations
National Council for Hotel Management
A-34, sector-62, noida - 201 309

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