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Hunar Se Rozgar Tak & Entrepreneurship Program

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India launched Hunar Se Rozgar in 2009 offering Short Term Quality Courses of 8 weeks & 6 weeks duration under the Capacity Building for Service Providers Scheme in the following disciplines:

1 .Multi Cuisine Cook 
2. Room Attendant
3. Craft Baker
4. Food and Beverage Service -Steward

5. Front Office Associate

All the above courses are fully funded by the Ministry to benefit people to take up hospitality industry as their profession and to ensure that the hospitality industry gets sufficient supply of trained manpower which is now in short supply.

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  Course Content for EP

  Course Content for HSRT 

  Multi Cuisine Cook

  Room Attendant

  Craft Baker

  Food and Beverage Service -Steward

Front Office Associate


Details of the students who have completed successfully the HSRT program under the follwoing trades for the session 2013-2014.


For the Bakery Trade

userfiles/Bakery_ 2013-14 .xls

For the Cook Trade

userfiles/Cook -2013-14.xls

For the Waiter Trade

userfiles/Waiter-2013-14 .xls

 Details of the students who have completed successfully the HSRT program under the follwoing trades for the session 2014-2015.

Pass Outs HSRT Candidates of 2014-15



2nd Batch Dec 2014 Bakery


2nd Batch Dec 2014 Cook

1st Batch Dec 2014 Housekeeping

3rd Batch Feb 2015 Bakery

3rd Batch Feb 2015 Cook

HSRT program in Hotels (2012-15)

Bakery Course - 2012-13

Cook Course- 2012-13

Housekeeping Course - 2012-13

Waiter Course - 2012-13

Bakery Course - 2013-14

Cook Course - 2013-14

Housekeeping Course - 2013-14

Waiter Course - 2013-14

Bakery Course - 2014-15

Cook Course - 2014-15

Housekeeping Course - 2014-15

Waiter Course -2014-15

Pass Outs HSRT Candidates of 2015-16

userfiles/1st Batch - Bakery Batch 06_05_2015 to 10_07_2015.xls

userfiles/1st Batch - Cook Batch 06_05_2015 to 10_07_2015.xls

userfiles/1st Batch - Housekeeping from 26_08_2015 to 09_10_2015 _xlsx.xls

userfiles/1st Batch Waiter 17_12_2015 to 05_02_2016.xls

userfiles/2nd Batch Bakery from 26_08_2015 to 30_10_2015.xls

userfiles/2nd Batch Cook from 26_08_2015 to 30_10_2015.xls

userfiles/2nd Batch Waiter 28_03_2016 .xls

userfiles/3rd Batch Bakery 04_11_2015 to 30_12_2015.xls

userfiles/3rd Batch Cook 04_11_2015 to 30_12_2015.xls

userfiles/4th Batch Bakery 17_12_2015 to 15_02_2016.xls

userfiles/4th Batch Cook 17_12_2015 to 15_02_2016.xls

userfiles/5th Batch Bakery 10_02_2016 to 28_03_2016.xls

userfiles/6th Batch Bakery 29_03_2016 to 31_05_2016.xls

userfiles/6th Batch Cook 29_03_2016 to 31_05_2016.xls


Pass Outs HSRT Candidates of 2020-21


 Pass Outs EP Candidates of 2020-21

EP Candidates Feedback Report 2020-21 Entrepreneurship Program.pdf

Pass Outs EP Candidates of 2021-22 List(1).pdf

EP Candidates Feedback Report 2021-22

 Pass Outs EP Candidates of 2022-23 EP (MULTI SKILLED CARETAKER) FROM 23-03-2023 TO 20-04-2023.pdf

 Pass Outs EP Candidates of 2023-24

Pass Outs HSRT Candidates of 2022-23 HSRT (F&B Service Steward) FROM 19-09-2022 TO 09-11-2022.pdf

 Pass Outs HSRT Candidates of 2023-24

Hunar Se Rozgar Tak Programme ( Traditional Snacks & Savoury) Date- 19-02-2024 to 27-03-2024.pdf


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