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4TH Semester




Ref.No.IHM/2017/07                                                Date:09.01.2017





Academic Session 2016-17


Please note the following

There will be three class tests (only theory) in each semester of which the  best of two class tests will be taken for incourse assessment of 30%

Incourse marks for practical subjects will be on continuous assessment based on attendance & performance during practical classes.

Practical classes will be conducted as scheduled in Time Table.

Class test will be of one hour duration each.

Marks for incourse 30% and 70% for final examinations.

Attendance of Students: - The Students are required to put in the minimum attendance of 75% in both Theory & Practical subjects and aggregate 75% attendance in each of the semesters. However, on Medical grounds, 10% attendance would be condoned on medical grounds on producing a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner and if permitted by the Principal. Students deputed for any official ODC/ competition/interviews etc. may also be given condonation of 10% subject to the approval of the Principal. However, any students having less than 55% attendance after above would be detained for the semester and he will have to repeat the semester once again in the subsequent year.  Please refer to examination rules available in the library  and also available on our website:     


Class test schedule (Theory)


1st class test       -       27.01.2017 to 01.02.2017

2nd class test       -       06.03.2017 to 09.03.2017

3rd class test       -       07.04.2017 to 10.04.2017

 8.     Practical Evaluation schedule                  

January             -        16 to 18,   23 to 25

February            -        06 to 08,   13 to 15, 

March                -        06 to 08,   20 to 22, 27 to 29


Marks Allotment for Internal Assessment.

Theory: - Each class test would be 50 Marks each. Two best of out three Class tests are considered for internal assessment. 30% marks out of total of 100 marks are added to 70% of Term End Examination for total marks.

Practical: - 5 best practical out of 7 are considered for internal assessment marks each practical will be of 20 marks. Break of 20 marks:- Grooming – 2, Attendance – 4, Journal –4, Performance during class – 10 Marks. 30% marks out of total of 100 marks are added to 70% of Term End Examination for total marks.

Note: - No medical leave will be considered if absent for the class test/ Practical evaluation.



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